• Mentorship programs are a mutually beneficial solution for professional development.
  • Our inclusive mentorship program allows participants to explore a variety of career and professional development goals to help everyone thrive – regardless of your role, industry, or location.
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Divercial helps organizations in the sports industry devise strategies and implement initiatives to tackle these social issues for impactful and positive change.
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Talent Management

We help organizations analyze and assess their talent management strategy and rocess to ensure it is objective and unbiased.


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Thought Leadership

  • Divercial is a thought leader for Diversity in Talent Management.
  • We provide original content, research studies, and white papers.
  • The “Great Re-Evaluation” has created a significant opportunity for learning and resources pertaining to the Talent Development for People Leaders.  We provide curated content and coaching to dissect the leadership disconnect and how leaders can build high performing inclusive teams.

Post-Secondary Workshops

  • We believe that talent management strategies should begin in post secondary educational institutions where students are provided with a roadmap for career planning, branding and networking.
  • The job market has changed drastically over the last few years, and we have built out partnership programs with universities who prioritize student career development as new graduates enter the workforce.
  • The 3-Part Workshop Series follows a Think, Plan, and Practice Approach where participants are provided with the tools to not only navigate their career endeavours but provide career mapping exercises and establishing an individual value proposition.

The Future of Work

  • How is your organization preparing for the future of work?
  • Divercial helps companies develop and implement their talent management strategies for the future. This includes factors such as the changing dynamics of candidate preferences, bias in hiring processes and practices, as well as the Career Mapping and Skill-Based initiatives.
  • Data collection is an important aspect of Divercial’s methodology and we work to help determine and assess the viability of talent data and analytics.
  • Divercial’s 6 step candidate journey is an innovative solution that will allow organizations to not only use a structured and data-driven approach but also find the most qualified and suitable candidate for the job.