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technology and diversity in the workplace
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  • Diversity 101: Building the foundation to create a diverse and inclusive work environment.
  • Allyship: How to build Allyship in the workplace
  • Unconscious Bias: Learning about overcoming Bias at Work and within Talent Management.
  • Anti-Racism & Anti-Discrimination: Learn about systemic and institutional barriers and the importance of education and awareness to create safe and inclusive work environments.
  • Case Studies: Analyze, dissect and discuss Diversity in Talent Management Case Studies.
  • Inclusive Leadership: Workshop facilitated for people managers that covers the impact of inclusive leadership, the inclusive leadership model, and developing inclusive talent.
  • Intersectionality and the many dimensions of DEI in Talent Management

Did you know that Diversity Training only emerged in the 1980’s?

It was merely an option for employers to protect themselves from class-action lawsuits. Divercial aims to disrupt the conventional methods of Diversity Education. We offer progressive and relevant education through a variety of sources including proprietary and original content as learning about diversity is a journey.

Here's How Divercial Helps

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Divercial has revolutionized EDI learning. Our learning content includes a range of topics ranging from Diversity 101 (building a foundation on diversity history, culture, and terminology) to Unconscious Bias, Anti-Racism, and Diverse and Inclusive leadership.

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In the Divercial Library, our clients have access to a list of resources. This includes our own content (such as Glossary of Terms and Thought Leadership posts) to book recommendations, articles, and academic journals pertaining to diversity studies.

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Workshops and webinars offered by Divercial allows us to customize our learning content to the organization’s needs. The workshop version will involve a variety of auxiliary components such as case studies and roundtable discussions to enhance the learning adaptation.

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Case Studies & Whitepapers

We are working on developing in house whitepapers in conjunction with our University Professor Partner. In addition, there will be relevant case studies on social justice issues and ongoing diversity news and notes. Contact us to inquire further on learning more this opportunity.

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We offer progressive and relevant education through a variety of sources including proprietary and original content. Get started on your diversity learning journey today!