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Tailored solutions to complex race and discriminatory issues.

Tailored solutions to complex race and discriminatory issues.

We are a team of purpose driven individuals who are on a mission to educate, address, and challenge systemic barriers in our society to overcome racial and discriminatory inequity.

We aim to build a culture that is founded on justice, equity, inclusion, and celebrates diversity of ideology and thought to allowing them to succeed and thrive. Living this vision fuels us to have meaningful and real conversations, about real issues, challenge the norm, and create positive societal change.

Divercial presents and provides information to help people take effective action toward racial equity, dismantling racial biases and systems that achieve measurable outcomes and sustainable change.

The Divercial Difference

The Divercial Survey

Our diversity survey is unlike any other in the market.  This survey measures areas around diversity in talent management and career progression, social justice awareness, diversity education, inclusive company culture, and leadership.

The Divercial Score

This proprietary score is compiled based on an organization’s survey results.  This numerical score will provide an indication for areas of strength and opportunity based on quantitative and qualitative analysis.

The Divercial Rankings

One of Divercial’s primary thought leadership goals involves diversity rankings.  We will assess diversity metrics by analyzing data for a multitude of sectors and industries.

The Divercial Diversity Metrics

Divercial leads with data. Unfortunately, most organizations have minimal data to report on diversity, but it is a necessary metric required to be evaluated and monitored to progress forward. “You cannot change what you cannot track.”

Our Team

Randeep Purewal, MBA

CEO & Founder of Divercial

Randeep’s experience in diversity transcends from an early age which initiated her inquisitive curiosity to better understand and examine inclusivity. As a result, over the years she has developed a passion and become an advocate for Anti-Racism, Social Justice, Equality and Belonging. Her professional experience expands working over 15 years all over North America and in a multitude of roles including Leadership, Consulting, Sales, Operations, Strategy, Talent Management, Banking, Technology, Digital Transformation, and Data. She has consistently championed to pioneer and promote diversity and inclusion in both personal and professional practices. As a part of completing her MBA at Queen’s, her master’s thesis research paper was on Diversity in Leadership and Talent Management. Consequently, her mission in life is continuing a lifelong learning journey on becoming a thought leader on diversity education and awareness while relentlessly promoting diversity of thought.

Tareq Shami

Team Member

Leo Bailey

Team Member

Rafay Khan

Team Member

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