Who we are

Divercial is a disruptive thought leader on diversity, inclusion, and equity.

We provide innovative solutions to complex racial and discriminatory issues for sustainable and meaningful change for the future. We formed Divercial to disrupt the current state environment against discrimination and bias and to become a thought leader on the subject.

Improve Performance

Companies with diverse boards outperform companies with non-diverse teams by an average of 35% more than non-diverse boards.
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Support Progress

Millennials make up the largest demographic of the workforce and 71% of them indicate that diversity is an important deciding factor when choosing employers.

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Break The Cycle

In the Fortune 500, there are more CEOs by the name of David or John than there are Women CEOs.

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Avoid Stereotypes

Job applicants with African-American names need to send out 50% more resumes than applicants with Caucasian names to get a callback for an interview.

Diversity + Inclusion = What

Equity = How

By definition, Diversity is about empowering people by respecting and appreciating what makes them different – in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, education, national origin and socio-economic background. Inclusion is a practice in which different groups or individuals having different backgrounds and culturally and socially accepted and welcome. Whereas Equity refers to fairness and justice in the way we are treated.

Services & Solutions


We provide custom consulting services for organization’s looking to expand on their diversity journey. Whether you are an established corporation that requires an objective perspective on repositioning a more innovative and future-forward diversity strategy or a startup looking to develop a more inclusive hiring strategy – Divercial is here to help.

Thought Leadership

Divercial aspires to be a thought leader on all things Diversity. Our mission is to educate and build awareness around the importance of diversity and why it must be prioritized. At Divercial, we will continue to put a spotlight on the inequalities POC, LGBTQ Communities, and Persons of Disabilities face every day.


Our technology solution will provide organizations to integrate and scale our core diversity education concepts and innovative talent management solutions.

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We offer progressive and relevant education through a variety of sources including proprietary and original content. Get started on your diversity learning journey now!