Talent MAnagement

Guiding you towards and objective & unbiased talent management strategy.

“Talent is uniform and evenly distributed, but opportunity is not.”

Divercial specializes in talent management which makes our experience and content uniquely different from others. We help organizations analyze and assess their talent management strategy and process to ensure it is objective and unbiased so that all candidates have a fair and equitable opportunity to obtain a new job and/or progress within their company.

Diversity Data & Metrics

Diversity metrics will allow an organization to track and monitor progress towards KPIs established to achieve their diversity goals.

Candidate Journey

Divercial has developed a 6-step candidate journey starting from candidate sourcing to interviewing and finishing with onboarding – all from a diversity lens.

Building a Diverse Pipeline

It is important to ensure that not only do organizations have a qualified and diverse candidate pipeline, but ensure the process eliminates biases and subjectivity.

Inclusive Leadership

Divercial’s leadership strategy involves developing a playbook for diversity. This playbook provides a toolkit for creating an inclusive environment to promote social issues important to the organization while empowering your employees.

Looking for assistance?

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